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Success Strategies Programs

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Corporate Training

Are you getting the results you want?

Do your employees have problems communicating and relating to coworkers? Is your team not as cohesive as it should be?  Would you like to make an impact on the bottom line so everyone benefits?  

Isn't it time to provide your team or employees are with the tools they need for powerful communication? Success Strategies Corporate Training provides employees with skills, resources and knowledge that companies need to make an impact on todays marketplace. To stay current and ahead of the competition, employees need to be constantly growing and improving their interpersonal and communication skills. I will develop a customized training program based on your companies needs and goals. My Corporate Trainings are lively, engaging and experiential.


  • Communication and Building Rapport

  • Team Building

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Leadership

  • Designing Outcomes and Asking the Right Questions

Isn't it time your company or team exceeded all their goals and was prepared to take on the challenge of todays marketplace?

Communication: creating an Impact

Did you know that 93% of human communication is non-verbal?

Have you ever talked to someone and no matter what you said, you couldn't get your point across? According to studies, this is because the majority of our communication is NOT the words we say it's how we communicate them.

Anna Russo will guide you through techniques that will allow you to gain INSTANT rapport with anyone you meet; co-workers, family members and even those who are difficult to get along with. 

  • Increase your personal choices and flexibility

  • Learn to "melt the ice" quickly and read people accurately

  • Apply positive approaches to resolving conflicts

  • Influence others outside of their awareness

  • Change potential into accomplishment

  • Learn the essentials to team building, cooperation, and group dynamics

NLP PRACTITIONER certification

Imagine a New You

Why Should You Take the NLP Practitioner Training Program? 
Neuro Linguistic Programming will give you the skills and strategies to effectively create the life you've always desired.  You will also help the people you work and live with open up to the life of their dreams.    Through NLP communication, strategies and language patterns You will find out how to make dreams a reality. 

Who Would Benefit From Being a NLP Practitioner?

Everyone from the CEO to the company staff, educators, at-home parents, students and anyone that is interested in taking charge of their life to produce results that are beneficial for everybody involved. 

What Will You Learn:
How to gain rapport immediately, even with difficult people
How to read people accurately even before they respond with words
How to listen
How to motivate self and others
Language of influence
Strategies to produce positive results

Strategies for decision making
Learn how to resolve conflicts
Communicate ideas powerfully and effectively
Remain calm in stressful situations
Increase your productivity
Clear direction about your life goals
Essential ingredients for team-building and cooperation
Ask the Right Question

Is being successful is important to you?

Then this training is a must! You have what it takes to be successful; otherwise you wouldn't have taken the opportunity to read this. Take the next step to create the life you desire by joining the NLP Practitioner Program.

As an NLP Practitioner you will be equipped with the skills and strategies that are necessary to excel in all areas of your life.

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NLP master practitioner Certification

Master Human Skills

Identify the connection between your mind, emotions, communication and behavior.
If you are looking for this program, you already know the value of NLP and its powerful results and you have been through the Practitioner Program. This Master Practitioner Program will help you integrate what you have already learned and make it part of your life.

In Addition, You Will Learn:
   To uncover the complexities of human behavior (Meta Programs)
   The advanced language of influence to create results
    How to produce successful results through modeling
   The advanced reframing techniques
    Learn the fundamentals of modeling

These Programs Are For You If You Are:
    In Business
    In Education, the Arts, or Sports Performance
    Interested in Improving Communications
    In a Leadership Role

    NLP Practitioner Program Completion

how to ask the right questions

Become a Powerful Communicator

Increase your ability to communicate with proven strategies for asking the right questions. Learn how to hone your verbal skills and eliminate confusion in your business or day-to-day conversations.

  • what the communication is really about

  • to define the outcome for the question

  • to really listen to the message

  • how to elicit quality information 

  • how to clarify information

  • when to be specific and when to be ambiguous


erickson hypnosis

Stretch Your Vision!

This intensive training with Anna Russo will change your life.
Through integrating NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, you will be able to use hypnosis personally, professionally or in a therapeutic setting.

You Will Learn and Gain:
How to produce change through self-hypnosis                          Induction and utilization
Hypnosis: A historical perspective                                               Rapport and the resistant client
Ericksonian language patterns as indirect suggestion               Metaphors
Hypnosis and health and healing (mind-body connection)       Pain Control

Associational strategies                                                                Induction procedures and Techniques
Unconscious signaling                                                                 Direct hypnotic patterns
Balance through exploration of deep self 

Programs: Services
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