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Life Coach, speaker, author and workshop leader has achieved international recognition for her development of many successful programs for individual behavioral change as well as corporate seminars. Her reputation is that of one who achieves rapid and powerful results with her style of innovative and personalized coaching. Her passion is to assist people to create balance in their lives and discover their potential so they create the outcome they desire easier and quicker. Her career includes 30+ years of experience in teaching, business ownership and coaching. Among her students are corporate presidents, vice-presidents, physicians, social workers, sales managers and representatives, as well as families and individuals seeking personal change. The creator of Success Strategies, Russo is the author of the book, Connecting With Resistant Teenagers - 10 Proven Steps, many articles, co-author of 30 Day Total Business Makeover, producer of The Art of Parenting and has made many TV and radio appearances. She has also been invited to speak and conduct training groups ranging from educational institutions to multi-million dollar companies.


People are increasingly recognizing gaps between where they are and their objectives. Life coaching is now available to replace unwanted patterns with strategies designed to achieve the results that you really want.


Life Coaching is about living your life in alignment with what is important to you. Coaching helps you re-create and design your life with balance and fulfillment! It is done with a coach who serves as a personal trainer, providing support throughout the process, step-by-step, as you reach your desired outcomes. It is a relationship based on mutual respect. A coach keeps you focused on a vision and helps you realize long-term fulfillment and excellence in your life.


We live in a climate where excellent coaching is becoming increasingly more necessary and important. Being stuck in the same rut is not a problem any more, just a choice. Are you tired of drifting away from your goals? Coaching helps!


•Assistance in designing your life

•The ability to make positive changes in your life and relationships

•Clarity; to become focused and to stay on track

•To eliminate chaos, and learn to prioritize

•Effective time management skills

•To tap into your talents, creativity, and confidence


Those who want to stay on track and achieve their goals.

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